The Definitive Guide: How to Become A VCE Maths Methods CAS Guru. 


Completely rethink the way you use your calculator with these 37- and 38-page handbooks for TI-Nspire and Casio ClassPad users. We've taken all of our 100s of hours coaching students how to use calculators efficiently, and included:

 Stunning explanations about how to get the most from your CAS for every major topic covered in VCE Maths Methods. 

 Visual displays of the calculator screen to provide further clarity to each step.

 Worked examples drawn from past VCAA exams to put your knowledge into practice.

 Tips and tricks utilised by the highest scorers. 

Download for free today to learn from our 50- and 99.95 authors on how you can save time and win marks in your VCE Maths Methods exam – all by using your calculator better.

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