The High ATAR Problem-Solving Guide


In this guide, you will find the answers to the following questions:

 Bad study skills are dragging my grades down. How do I polish them up?

 I’m not getting the support I need from school. What can I do?

 It’s Hell Week, and I’ve got four SACs in three days. How do I prepare?

 My cohort rank is slipping. What can I do during a SAC to lift my performance?

 Everyone says practice exams are really important. When and where do I start, and how critical are they to my VCE success

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High ATAR Problem Solving Guide

Jen Huang, one of our amazing SuperTutors, is the author of this guide. Jen graduated from Northcote High School in 2016 with an ATAR of 99.90, for which she received a Top All-Round VCE Premier’s Award. This included top scores of 50 in Biology, Chemistry and Further Maths, as well as 49 in English and 47 in Maths Methods and Studio Arts. Jen currently studies Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne.

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